What’s the Best 2 Man Tent for Wild Camping?

What’s the Best 2 Man Tent for Wild Camping

There are many different sleeping setups for wild camping. Lightweight backpackers may opt for a hammock or bivvy bag. Bushcraft enthusiasts might wish to build a shelter for the night. However, for most campers, the go-to option is to pitch a tent.

Tents are easy to erect and pack down without much hassle. They are often light enough to be carried on one’s back, and they create a water/windproof barrier against the elements. In essence, a tent is a camper’s best friend.

It doesn’t take much research to realise how wide the availability is on the market. Tents come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. They also vary drastically in weight and quality – both features that can have a huge impact on your wild camping trip if you get it wrong. To guide you in the right direction, let’s look at the best 2 man tent for wild camping.

Different Tent Styles

Before we get down to specific tents, let’s look at the different styles of tents. Loosely, there are two styles you should rule out immediately. The first is a pop-up tent. These are often made cheaply from poor-quality materials. They are primarily used for festivals or one-off camping holidays and not much else. They are too large and bulky to be of any serious use when wild camping.

The next style to rule out are hefty multi-compartment tents. These are the tents you might find in a home store that is spread over a huge floor space and sleep an entire group or family. Again, this is much too big for your wild camping needs. It will be too heavy to carry and is far too conspicuous to be pitched in a nature area.

In most cases, you can also rule out a geodesic tent. They are specialised mountaineering tents that are very expensive and overkill for wild camping in the UK. Instead, look out for dome tents or a-frame/pyramid tents.

Pyramid tents are for lightweight campers. They don’t offer as much protection as a dome tent, but they are easy to pitch and featherlight. In fact, some long-distance hikers ditch the tent poles and simply use a hiking pole to prop up their pyramid tent. An a-frame tent is like a pyramid tent but offers more stability with extra tent poles.

Dome tents are a classic option for wild campers. They are durable, reasonably lightweight, and easy to pitch. They can also be picked up for a good price which makes them the best 2 man tent for wild camping.

Best 2 Man Tent for Wild Camping

1 . Budget: Coleman Darwin 2

Coleman Darwin 2 - Wild camping Tent

Coleman is a household name in the UK camping scene. They produce some fantastic tents for all outdoor trips including the Darwin 2 which is their best 2 man tent for wild camping. It can be purchased cheaply yet has plenty of useful features for the weekend camper!

Brand: Coleman

Model: Darwin 2

Cost: £79.95


  • Easy to pitch
  • Spacious
  • Ventilation flaps and a built-in mosquito net
  • 3000mm waterproof exterior
  • Protects against +50 UV levels


  • On the heavier side weighing in at 2.8 kg
  • Fiberglass poles aren’t as strong as aluminium or carbon fibre
  • Lower quality overall and may not last for many years and multiple camping trips

2 . Mid-Range: Naturehike Cloud-Up 2

Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 - Wild camping Tent

The Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 tent balances elegance with strength. It is a tent that will survive all the tough conditions the UK climate can throw at it and then some. The Cloud-Up 2 also benefits from a roomy interior and a clever design that means it can be set up by one person. This is good news for those hikers who occasionally want to go on solo trips!

Brand: Naturehike

Model: Cloud-Up 2

Cost: £125


  • Very lightweight weighing a mere 2kg
  • Sturdy aluminium poles with a stable frame design
  • Waterproof to 3000mm
  • Airy inner tent to allow for adequate ventilation and room to move


  • May be more conspicuous when wild camping due to higher roof

3 . Luxury: Vango Hydra 200

Naturehike Cloud-Up 2 - Wild camping Tent (1)

In many ways, the Vango Hyrda 200 is the best 2 man tent for wild camping. It has a sleek, low-lying design good for staying hidden. It is compact and will be unflappable in adverse conditions. Muted colours make for excellent camouflage and it’s light enough to be carried on hiking trails. This is a great tent for 4-season wild campers unafraid of tough winter conditions.

Brand: Vango

Model: Hydra 200

Cost: £147.41


  • Top quality design for wild campers wishing to remain out of sight
  • Waterproof to 5000mm which is considerably better than other models on the market
  • Lightweight and durable alloy poles combine strength with agility for a robust build


  • At 3kg, this is the heaviest tent on this list and won’t suit long-distance hikers.

Final Tips

Ultimately, the tent styles discussed here are only loose categorisations. Many tents share features from multiple tent styles. For example, you may find a low-lying backpacker’s tent that appears to be dome-shaped, but it flattens down and tapers off at the edges to partly resemble a geodesic tent.

Overall, to buy the best 2 man tent for wild camping, you should identify some key features you need in your tent. For example, set a price range for a tent you are looking for. Make sure it isn’t more than 2-3kg so you can carry it when hiking. Ensure it is reasonably durable and easy to pitch. Make sure it suits all your needs!

Ironically, your comfort level ranks reasonably low on this list. When you’re wild camping, it’s more about pitching a tent quickly and discretely rather than having some luxury pod with plenty of space for all your belongings. Unfortunately, comfort does take a bit of a back seat when wild camping. However, if you follow these steps, you’ll be well on your way to buying the best 2 man tent for wild camping!