7 Coastal Walks in the UK that will Blow Your Mind

Coastal Walks in the UK

The UK is among the best places in the world you can have so many fun activities to do and a must-see things. The most delightful things you can do here are visiting the beaches, exploring the incredible national parks and museums, going wild camping, not forgetting hiking and taking walks along the coastal walks. When it comes to the most beautiful coastal sceneries, the UK is unbeatable! It offers some of the best and the most scenic coastal walks globally, where some avid walkers can head off in their free time to take long or short walks.

It is worth mentioning that when strolling along the coastal walks, you should be cautious of the weather. It might be sunny sometimes and other times, you may get battered by strong winds and rain. Therefore, it is good to carry clothes that may suit any weather. The coastal walks or hiking trails offer stunning views, historical landmarks and local wildlife that you can explore and enjoy along the way. If you are a birdwatcher, there are various breeds of sea birds to watch. You might also get to see a colony of seals and glance at porpoises and dolphins.

Below is a list of 7 coastal walks in the UK that will blow your mind;

Blakeney in Norfolk

Blakeney in Norfolk Coastal Walks

Blakeney Point is found on the Northern part of the Norfolk coast and is a 3-hour walk. The walk is on a shingle spit along the Blakeney National Nature reserve. Because the walk is primarily shingle, it’s ideal for quite active walkers who can walk on uneven ground.

At Blakeney Point, you can find seals. It is well-known for being home to the largest grey seal colony in England. It is recommended that you visit the place between November and January in order to see newborn seal pups. After January, it is when an extreme mating season for the seal takes place. You cannot resist seeing the amazing sight when the bull seal constantly fights for the attention of the females.

As you walk towards the end of the Beach way, you’ll find an old blue lifeboat house. The old lifeboat is what is used as the Watcher’s house when it’s the breeding season for the birds. You can have an extraordinary view as you walk towards the sunset and admire the colonies of seals over the dunes at the boardwalk crest.

Lindisfarne and Holy Island in Northumberland

Lindisfarne and Holy Island in Northumberland Coastal walk

This is also among the best coastal walks in the UK. It can take you 3 hours to walk past castles, dunes and beaches. Holy Island is on a circular route where you can view Lindisfarne Castle and the northern beaches. However, there are shorter routes that can take you less than the actual 3 hours to complete the walk. But you need a quiet stroll to enjoy the scenery fully, right? This is why you should opt for the longer route rather than, the shorter one. When you take the longer route, you’ll find a stretch of dunes called The Links, excellent for birdwatching.

Leave the Holy Island village by starting your walk at the Chare Ends. On the northern shores, you will come across wild beaches and pass by sand dunes. Stop by the Coves Haven to relax on the beach and escape the strong winds. From there, carry on to the top of the cliffs, which offers you exciting views. You will come across Castle Head Rocks and the Emmanuel Point. As you are almost finishing the walk, you can stop at the Lindisfarne of the 16th century.

Prawle Point, Devon

Prawle Point, Devon Coastal walk

Prawle Point, Devon, is a coastal walk in the UK that offers dramatic views, pebble beaches and a lot of history to explore. In the case of history, you’ll discover that most southern point of Prawle Point was initially a medieval chapel site in the 13th century. But today, the area is inhabited by the National Coastwatch Institution.

Embark your journey from the Prawle Point and go past cairns and through the fields protected by stones that are believed to be more than 1000 years old. Stop by the Elender Cover and adore the Gammon Head view. Continue with the journey and approach the Gammon Head, then go along the cliff’s edge to come to Pigs Nose, which is the endpoint of your walk. As you stroll through this coastal walk, you’ll have a chance to see local wildlife like the razorbills, cormorants, sea birds and different types of butterflies.

Seatown to West Bay, Dorset

Seatown to West Bay, Dorset - Coastal Walk

This is a distance of 8miles and it takes about 3-4 hours to complete the walk. It is one of the well-known coastal walks in the UK and is a favourite for most locals and visitors. The walk takes you through the Jurassic Coast’s attractive stretches when you begin it in Exmouth in Devon and end it at Old Harry Rocks, Dorset.

You should start the walk at Charmouth Beach. Here, you will find people who are hunting for fossils at a low tide. Move up Stonebarrow Hill and further to Golden Cap, which is the highest Jurassic Coast point. It is from here that you’ll get to see an amazing panorama of Lyme Bay and the steep cliffs, patchwork fields and shingle beaches. Go down to Seatown, where you can decide to have a quick swim. From here, the walking path leads you to Doghouse Hill. Walk along the clifftops for several miles to go down to Eype Beach and then complete the walk at West Bay. You can get back to Charmouth on foot by tracing your steps or taking a bus.

St David’s Peninsula Circular Walk in Pembrokeshire

St David's Peninsula Circular Walk in Pembrokeshire - costal walk

This is a 10.5 miles walk that takes at least 4-5 hours walking time. The Pembrokeshire Coastal path offers a chance to pass the Celtic Chapels, Iron Age Forts, sheltered coves and wild beaches and St David’s Peninsula, adding to the diverse landscapes and history of the area. If you take your walk during the summer, you’ll get to see colourful wildflowers carpeting the clifftops.

Begin your walk at St Davids, which is the smallest city in the UK and move south of Goat Street until you get to St Non’s Bay and Pembrokeshire Coast Path. Head west through the path as you trace the Peninsula. After walking several miles, you will come to the attractive Porthclais Harbour and then to Porthlysgi Bay. The path leads you further to Treginnis Peninsula. Continue following it until you get to Whitesands Bay with a blue flag beach and where you can get a café to have some refreshments. When done, follow the B4583 inland just past the Whitesands Camping and on to your first right after passing the golf club. From here, you will walk for more than a mile back to St David’s.

Runkerry in Northern Ireland

Runkerry in Northern Ireland - Coastal walk

Runkerry involves walking on a clifftop that offers a chance to view Scotland when it is on a clear day. It also provides a view of the Giants Causeway and you can spot various kinds of UK birds along the way. The walk is of great benefit because it is even, making it perfect for people in wheelchairs and young children.

Begin the journey at the cliff heading towards Runkerry Head, where you can see Humphrey the giant camel rock and enjoy some lovely green views. As you continue with the journey, you can spot some wildlife such as porpoises swimming in Portcoon cave, dolphins and breeding skylark.

Old Harry Rocks, Dorset

Old Harry Rocks, Dorset - Coastal Walk

The list of the best coastal walks in the UK cannot be complete without mentioning the Old Harry Rocks. They are white chalk stacks which are thought to be named after Harry Paye, a notorious local pirate. At the Old Harry Rocks, you get to walk on the clifftop as you explore the Jurassic Coast. You will be lucky enough to see the rare, distinctive pink pyramidal orchids if you visit during the summer and spring.

It is 3.5 miles and can take about 1-2 hours to complete the walk. Start your walk from the south beach car park and follow the right direction until you make it to the end.

It’s not a walk in the park to complete these walks. Ensure you have the best walking gear, including walking boots, for they aid in your walking.