7 Scenic Peak District Walking Routes for 2023

Peak District hiking views

Are you searching for a new walking trail in the Peak District to tackle? 

Whether you’re a new, casual walker looking for an exciting day outdoors, or a more travelled hiker looking for a challenge, there’s something on this list for everyone!

We’re taking you through the best, and most exciting walking routes that the Peak District has to offer. Enjoy some of Derbyshire’s most tranquil countryside and venture to the summit of some of the UK’s most scenic limestone hills and valleys.

1. Dovedale Walk

Distance: 11.6km / 7.2 miles (Flexible)

Time: 3.5hrs (Flexible)

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

This scenic walk starting near Ilam covers the stunning valley of Dovedale in the Peak District and includes a hop and skip across the iconic Stepping Stones.

This walk can get a bit rocky in some of the wooded areas, but the beauty of the trail is that you can go as far as you’d like, and there are plenty of stop-off points and points of interest along the way. It can get a bit busy during school holidays as a family-favourite spot, so be sure to plan ahead to make the most of the route and scenic views from the summit of Bailey Hill.

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2. Buxton to King Solomon’s Temple

Distance: 10.5km / 6.5 mile

Time: 3-4hrs

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

This circular walking route is popular for families and is right by the picturesque Peak District town of Buxton.

Take a walk up to the historic monument on top of the Buxton hills and look out over the stunning countryside and scenic views of the town. This one can be fairly steep and a bit boggy in bad weather as you approach the top but it’s still a relatively easy stroll and will suit families with older children and new walkers well.

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3. Stanage Edge Walk

Distance: 9.8km

Time: 3.5-4hrs

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

A popular spot for rock climbers due to the rugged terrain, Stanage Edge Walk is a must. You’ll be able to watch the climbers from up top on this walk that starts off in Hathersage.

On this walk, you’ll be deep into the territory that inspired the works of Charlotte Bronte, and some of the terrain and particularly North Lees Hall that you’ll pass en route might be familiar to anyone into the literature inspired by the region.

Stanage Edge itself offers wonderful views of the Peak District and this walk will show you some stunning views without too many steep inclines to manoeuver.

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Peak District Routes

4. Chrome Hill Walk

Distance: 7.9km

Time 2.5-3.5hrs

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

This exciting Derbyshire walk will take you across two stunning peaks as you venture into the Peak District.

Be warned, some parts of this trail can be steep and rocky and might not be suitable for all walkers so make sure the weather looks clear and that you’ve got the right footwear on to avoid the sometimes slippy terrain.

Though it can be a tricky walk, you’ll be rewarded with some incredible views of the Derbyshire countryside when you reach the summit.

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5. Wyming Brook and Rivelin Reservoir Walk

Distance: 6.3km

Time: 1.5-2hrs

Difficulty: Easy

For a tranquil walking experience at the northern end of the Peak District, it doesn’t get much better than the Wyming Brook and Reivelin Reservoir Walk. The trail takes you through dense woodlands and vibrant wildlife areas with relaxing waterfalls and streams.

One word of warning for this trail, you’ll have a short stretch alongside the A57 before being reunited with the serenity of the countryside so if you’re trying to avoid that or you’re with kids or dogs, then it’s just something to bear in mind.

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6. Padley Gorge Walk

Distance: 6km

Time: 1.5hrs

Difficulty: Easy

Another popular and easy walk in the region, the Padley Gorge walk has something for everyone.

Starting from the Longshaw Estate, this walk will take you along the brook and back through the woods for around 6km in total walking distance.

The brook at the bottom of the gorge might be the perfect place to stop off on the way and take in some of the Peak District’s very best countryside.

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7. The Great Ridge and Win Hill Hike

Distance: 21.1km

Time: 6-8hrs

Difficulty: Hard

This challenging and, in parts, steep Peak District walking route is the perfect option for those looking for a lengthy walk. You’ll cover one of the most popular ridge lines in England and take in some magnificent views along the way.

If you’re looking for a running route, most will manage this one in about 3.5hrs and whilst it’s by no means the most difficult terrain you’ll ever cover, the views on the ridge are magnificent and make the distance well worthwhile.

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Some Tips for Walking in the Peak District

Peak District Walking Routes

The Peak District, although beautiful, can sometimes be tricky to navigate (particularly if you’re new to walking or hiking), so here are some of our top tips to get the most from the trail.

  • Wear the right shoes – The Peak District is famous for its limestone hillsides and although they look great, they can get a bit slippy in the wrong conditions. Get yourself some hiking boots or borrow some if you’re planning on taking on the trickier routes.
  • Know your route – Now, we’re not saying you need to memorise every turn, but on an already lengthy walk, there’s nothing worse than getting lost. Most of these walks will have signs to help you stick to the trail so you shouldn’t find this too tricky, but be mindful and maybe download an app or 2 onto a phone to help you find your way.   Check out our guide to navigating when hiking for more tips.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings – It’s not uncommon for rural areas like the Peak District to see littering and small fires from walkers and wild campers who are out enjoying the trails. Try and leave the wildlife as you find it so that others can enjoy the same scenic views and we can all keep returning to these beautiful Derbyshire walking routes.
  • Be prepared for parking – Many of the small car parks around these trails will require you to pay in change. So if you’re venturing out for the day, be sure to take some coins (or your National Trust Pass) with you.