Stanage Edge Walk, A Climbers Haven in The Peak District

Stanage Edge Walk - Peak District

Located in the East of the scenic Derbyshire Peak District, this circular Stanage Edge walking route is a popular choice for rock climbers and boulderers due to its rugged terrain and impressive climbing spots.

Here is the route and some of the milestones and highlights to look out for as you explore the rocky and historic landscapes that inspired some of the region’s most famous writers.

Stanage Edge Walking Route

This route and the terrain aren’t really suitable for small children, so if you’re a new walker or looking for a relaxing family day out in the Peak District, you might want to consider one of the other walks in our Peak District walking guide. There are plenty of options and the area has so many opportunities for adventure on offer.

Hathersage Walk Starting Point

This circular walking route starts out in the Hathersage village car park. There are a couple of shops in the village where you can get any supplies you need for your walk, (and even a chip shop for when you’re all finished!)

From the car park, you want to go left and follow Oddfellows Road down to Main Street and follow onto Baulk Lane that you can access just across the road.

The lane turns into a track with a slight incline that will lead you further into the walking route. Where the track splits off, stay left and follow it in the direction of Brookfield Manor. You will eventually reach a small gate. Make your way through the gate and onto Birly Road to continue the trail.

The Brontes and North Lees Hall

The Brontes and North Lees Hall - Peak DistrictWhen you reach a turn, head right. You will pass Bronte cottage on your left. Now, you’re heading toward some of the features that make this walk so popular with those interested in the history of the area.

Around 200m up the road take a left onto the lane leading to North Lees Hall. This building was visited multiple times by Charlotte Bronte and is thought to be the inspiration for Thornfield Hall which features in the iconic Jane Eyre. It’s also been used as a filming location for some other large scale period films and TV including Pride and Prejudice.

Take some time to have a look at North Lees Hall and the surrounding area if you’re interested in this popular stop-off point.

To get back on track, continue past the hall, taking a right onto the public pathway when you reach the information board.

Next, you want to follow the path up through the field and into the woodland where you will find another small road to follow. As you cross the road and continue ahead, there are some public toilets to the left should you need an extra break en route.

You want to continue straight ahead following the trail and you will eventually reach Stanage Edge.

Stanage Edge

Once you reach the top of the trail, you can take advantage of the stunning panoramic views at Stanage Edge.

Be careful at the top, especially on poor weather days. It can get windy and while the views are worth the walk, it’s a steep and rocky drop so check the weather ahead of time.

Stanage Edge is extremely popular with climbers and if you’re heading to the top for a walk you will almost certainly see some boulderers tackling the tricky rock face on your adventures.

When you’ve had enough of the stunning landscapes, it’s time to head back. You can follow the route you used on your way up or carry on exploring the area by continuing the trail. To continue, you want to take a sharp right turn and follow the edge back alongside White Path Moss.

Robin Hood Cave

Stanage Edge WalkAs you head along the path you’ll notice a cave in the rocky hillside called Robin Hood Cave, named because of Little John’s resting place in nearby Hathersage Church.

Continuing ahead, when you reach the triangular pillar (or trig point) take the diagonal path that leads right and you’ll be led down off Stanage Edge and head in the direction of Hathersage Road. Take a left and follow the road for around 200m.

At the 200m mark, there will be a small gate and path on the right-hand side of the road. Head through the moor and take another right onto a track just before you hit the road.

Follow it down through two gates and you’ll find yourself in the grounds of one of the local farmhouses.

From here you’ll be able to follow the signposted pathway back to Hathersage via a gate, some more moorland and finally past High Lees Manor.

Head past the manor, following the stone wall to your right. Follow the clearly marked footpath back through the woodland and downhill on Sheffield Road and you’ll find yourself back in Hathersage just a stone’s throw from the car park where you started the trail to Stanage Edge.

More About the Stanage Edge Walking Route

This walk isn’t really suitable for small children because of the height at the peak of Stanage Edge but it is mostly marked pathways and signed directions, making it suitable for those who aren’t too used to navigation.

Be aware that there might be some livestock on this trail as some of the grassy areas you pass through are farming fields. If you’re taking dogs, be sure to keep them on a lead around any animals you encounter.

If you’re planning a trip to the Peak District, take a look at some other beautiful walking routes in the area.