3 UK Wild Camping Spots That Will Take Your Breath Away

UK Wild Camping Spots

Wild camping in the UK is an excellent way to satisfy your sense of adventure. It is a fun, spontaneous and affordable way to explore the countryside and connect with nature. With wild camping you can enjoy the best of both worlds – a sense of excitement from being off the beaten track and the opportunity to commune peacefully with Mother Nature.

When it comes to location, you can choose any site you like as long as it is legal — this means checking with landowners in England and Wales. Read More about what happens if caught wild camping

In Scotland, thanks to the Land Reform Act of 2003, there are far more opportunities to wild camp, including within National Parks which makes Scotland a great choice.

If you fancy camping further afield : Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Moldova are pretty open to wild camping (except in their National Parks). Wherever you choose, just check local laws before you go.

Luckily, you don’t need to go to Europe to find truly amazing wild camping sites. We have been scouring the UK to find the very best site for your wild camping adventure. We have chosen our top three wild camping areas in the UK. With something in our top 3 for everyone, these will really take your breath away.

1.The Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Isle of Skye Wild Camping Spots

At fifty miles long, the Isle of Skye is Scotland’s largest and arguably its most beautiful island, boasting gorgeous views and fantastic coastlines which make it one of the UK’s most popular destinations. It is an island steeped in history and mythology just waiting to be discovered. It has rugged landscapes and picturesque fishing villages as well as ancient castles to explore.

There are so many breath-taking places to choose from but Quiraing with its stunning rock formations, described by many as one of the most amazing hikes in the world, and Camasunary on the Strathaird Peninsula with its gorgeous views of the bay are two areas in particular offering spectacular scenery for those wanting to wild camp on the magical Isle of Skye.

Whilst the weather can be somewhat unpredictable (it is Scotland after all), we think this is an area that is definitely worth exploring.  You can swim in the Fairy Pools, walk up to the Old Man Of Storr (an enormous pillar of rock), take a boat trip or simply watch the otters at play on the beach.

In common with many places, it is not advised to camp for more than two or three days in any one spot but there are so many outrageously beautiful spots to choose from on the Isle of Skye that we are pretty sure you will not want to limit your adventures!

2. Brecon Beacons, Wild Camping Spots

Brecon Beacons, Wild Camping Spots

As with England, it is illegal to wild camp in Wales unless you have the permission of the landowner, but if you are tempted by the idea of wild camping you may find the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales is a good place to dip your toe in.

The National Peak Authority will provide wild campers with a list of landowners and farmers who have, historically, been willing to give permission to wild campers. These lists are available in local visitor centres. There are no facilities and these are definitely not camping sites but they do facilitate the process of finding a wild camping spot and those available will really take your breath away.

There is lots to take in, from the dramatic scenery and the awe-inspiring Black Mountains, spreading from Southeast Wales into the border with England, to the many stunning walks and cycle trails that can be found throughout the park.

The highest peak, Pen Y Fan is a popular destination for walkers and climbers but there are plenty of other places to walk and explore.

Waterfall Country is a hidden treasure where the verdant green of the forest has almost hidden the many waterfalls, gorges and caves. You can stand behind the curtain of water at Sgwd-y-Eira (the waterfall of snow) which can only be approached on foot – a truly fantastic experience.

With the legend of King Arthur and his knights and the many ghostly myths and legends that surround the beautiful and varied landscape of the Brecon Beacons, you will feel as if you are in a truly magical place.

The varied sights and trails make the Brecon Beacons the perfect spot to begin your wild camping adventures.

3. Exmoor National Park, England

Wild Camping Spots - Exmoor National Park

Exmoor National Park is a real favourite for wild campers for many reasons. Situated in Devon, you can enjoy stunning coastal and countryside views in this outstanding area of natural beauty. There are many caves to clamber in, paths to walk and rugged cliffs to marvel at – a picture postcard view at every turn.

Some favourite spots to spend time exploring include Watermouth Bay, Dunster and of course Porlock with its four-mile circular walk, pebbled beach, woodland, and salty marshland. You can find peaceful seclusion but also enjoy the many recreational activities available along its thirty miles of coastline.

Exmoor is famous for its mountain and moorland ponies which roam semi-feral and are a common sight on the moors. They are definitely something to watch out for.

The best thing about this part of the UK? It has the darkest skies to be found anywhere in the country and this makes it the perfect spot for the wild camping stargazer. Do you long for a peaceful night, lying stress-free under the stars, communing with nature and enveloping yourself in the quiet of the universe? If yes then this is, without doubt, the place for you!

UK Wild Camping Tips: Don’t forget…

Do your research and plan as much as possible. Look at routes, water sources, and always check permissions.

  • Arrive late and leave early. Remember the golden rule of wild camping is to LEAVE NO TRACE. Stay a night and move on, there’s plenty to explore!
  • Keep camper numbers to a minimum – for a peaceful experience for both yourself and others.
  • Tell someone where you are going. Obviously, with wild camping, we want freedom and adventure but it is also important to stay safe. Let someone know where you’ll be staying and if possible drop someone the location of the spot you’ve chosen to set up camp.