What is a Basic List of Gear Needed for Rock Climbing?

Rock climbing has a pretty low barrier to entry; you just need the right equipment and fire in your belly to get started. If you are a beginner or expert rock climber and you are looking for the basic sports climbing gear list all in one place, you are reading the right article. 

Climbing gear is essential for a comfortable, safe, and enjoyable experience. The Correct rock climbing equipment will allow you to have more fun without worrying about your safety. 

To make your climbing experience enjoyable and safe, we have listed the ultimate rock climbing equipment list for you so that you can have everything at your disposal before you get into the action. 

Let’s get into the details of the basic sports climbing gear list. 

Ergonomic Black Diamond Harness with elastic straps

A harness gives your body support and carries your weight in case you fall. This demands high strength and dimensional stability from the material. 

Thankfully, the Black Diamond is made out of 100% polyamide, a material with excellent dimensional stability, exceptional durability, and good wear-resistance, making it an ideal material for a harness.  

Apart from durability, the Black Diamond is also pretty comfortable, a feature that makes your sports climbing so much more enjoyable; you trust the support and can enjoy the climb without getting distracted. 

Its straps hold on pretty well. You can adjust them perfectly onto your leg and lap and it will stay there for a long time. Since you don’t feel virtually any discomfort and can strap it on for as long as you want, this harness is ideal for you if you spend (or intend to spend) a lot of time climbing. 

Plus, you get enough material loops to carry the important stuff with you. The straps adapt to a variety of sizes, so don’t worry if it will fit you or not. It’s a pretty versatile harness with impressively low weight, which makes it an ideal sports climbing harness. 

The prominent feature is that it doesn’t make you uncomfortable and is made up of high-quality strong material. This can keep your mind at peace while climbing for as long as you want. 

All in all, it would be an ideal harness for the beginner as well as expert climbers for its comfort, safety, high-quality, and dimensional stability. 

Synthetic Maximum Adhesion Shoes for Sports Climbers

Comfortable and strong shoes are essential for every climbing enthusiast. They lie at the top of the basic sports climbing gear list. Without a snug pair of climbing shoes, you won’t be able to focus on your tasks let alone enjoy them. So, you must choose a pair that’s durable and feels like a second skin. 

One major concern for people while buying a pair of shoes online is that what if it doesn’t fit well? It’s a valid concern as you can only test them out once you receive them. Luckily, these shoes can be sent back and replaced if you don’t find them a perfect fit for your feet, allowing you to make the purchase without hesitation if you like what is being offered. 

Plus, when you get the right fit, the shoes really adapts well to your feet, making them as comfortable as you would like. The inner lining is super comfortable as well, so comfort doesn’t seem to be a problem with this pair. 

The pre-tension on the shoes allows you to wear them for a long period without needing to take them off, which is a real plus for those who spend (or intend to spend) long periods on the rock. 

The overall quality of the material is also impressive and you can feel confident in them as the shoes are specifically designed for climbers. 

They won’t need much maintenance either; the velcro fasteners allow you to tighten or loosen them along your way with ease. You can quickly put them on and take them off with the velcro fasteners. 

All in all, these shoes are a great fit for beginners and expert climbers; you don’t have to look anywhere else if you want super comfortable, easy-to-use, premium-quality sports climbing shoes for your climbing expeditions. 

Edelrid 9.8 mm Thermo-shield Treated Sports Climbing Rope

The most important feature to look at in a sports climbing rope, after its ability to withstand your weight, is that it should not weigh you down. You should be able to easily clip the rope while you climb the rock. 

Plus, the rope is strong, so it won’t break. This means you can trust the rope with your weight. 

This Edelrid 9.8 mm on-sight climbing rope is thermo-shield treated; this means the rope is pretty versatile and flexible. The thermo-shield treatment ensures the perfect balance between the core and the sheath yarn due to the stabilizing process. This makes the rope pretty stable. 

You need to be able to handle the rope easily and effectively. The grip of the rope plays an important role in enabling you to do that. This Edelrid rope has a nice gripping material, allowing you to grip the rope perfectly. You won’t encounter any curling in the rope either. 

The quality of this rope is also top-notch. You won’t be needing another for a long time.  

However, the rope will probably be a little stiff in the beginning, but it will get flexible soon enough. 

Overall, this rope from Edelrid offers great bang for the buck with its high-quality, flexibility, stability, and strength. Importantly, the rope is specifically made for sports climbers, so if you are one, you can trust this one. 

PETZL Unisex Lightweight Belay Safety Device 

Belaying can be a risky activity. But, you can make sure nothing goes wrong by using this safety device. The tried and tested design of this device makes it a reliable and effective safety device for your climbing activities. 

The assisted braking functionality of this device allows it to pinch the rope whenever the climber falls and enables the belayer to use the classic belaying technique to stop the fall. 

So, it’s a pretty important device if you want to be completely safe, especially if you are a beginner. 

Sports climbers tend to avoid heavy objects as they can weigh them down. This is why lightweight devices are preferred over heavy ones, even if the heavyweight devices are premium quality. Why go for a heavy device when you have the option of a lighter one with good quality?

This PETZL belay safety device is made of aluminium metal. An impressive feature of this material is that it is pretty lightweight despite being very strong. In fact, many industries use it as a substitute for steel when small weight application is required. 

So, the low weight doesn’t compromise on the safety; the device is pretty strong and provides effective support. 

Plus, you need a firm break or a pinch on the wire in case of a fall. The PETZL has an effective design that locks the rope in during a fall, ensuring your safety and peace of mind. 

Although it’s one of the essential rock climbing equipment, you won’t find it cheap. But, if you want an effectively designed device that can ensure your safety and have the budget for it, you should go for it. 

There are some cheap alternatives to this, but if you want a premium-quality solution for your safety, you shouldn’t hesitate to add it to your sports climbing gear list.

Petzl Orange Screw Lock Carabiner for Adults

A carabiner is one of the most useful and important climbing gear. You can attach two things together using this small and usually lightweight device. They have an effective locking mechanism, which is safe and allows you to easily attach your rope with it. 

The Petzl orange carabiner is second to none. It offers high-quality material, rendering it durable and longlasting. Impressively, the screwgate, a mechanism using which you can open and close the carabiner, is pretty smooth and easy to use. So much so that you can open and close the screwgate with one hand. 

There is a feature using which you can make sure if the carabiner is actually locked in or not, pretty impressive, right? Plus, it is a lightweight sports climbing device, so you won’t be weighed down by it. 

The material, in addition to being impressively lightweight, is very strong. You can use the carabiner for making stops and securing your equipment with confidence. 

However, it only comes in the orange colour, but unless colour plays a major factor in your decision, it’s not a significant con. 

The most important thing for every first-time buyer is trust. With lots of happy customers, this Petzl carabiner is not only trustworthy, but you will also probably stick to this brand in the long run if you are an arduous sports climber and know the value a quality climbing device adds to your gear. 

In conclusion, the Petzl carabiner provides great bang for the buck and is easy to use. You can trust the brand as well as the functionality of their device. Its weight is minimal and material strength is high, making it an ideal device for sports climbers. 

Black Diamond Freewire Quickdraw 6-Pack 12cm

Climbing routes equip a fixed line of bolts in the rock and on top of those lie anchors, using which climbers can get support along the way. A pair of carabiners attached to a dogbone, also known as quickdraws, help the climbers protect their route. 

A quickdraw is one of the essentials in rock climbing equipment. You need a bunch of them with you; for every anchor along your way, at least. They come in typically two sizes; 10 – 12 cm or 15 – 18 cm long. 

Longer quickdraws minimize rope drags and are ideal for meandering routes. Shorter draws are suitable for straight routes and are lighter on your harness. So, it is a good idea to consider the routes you are going to take before making the final decision.  

This Black Diamond 12-cm 6-pack quickdraw set has a high-quality material and easy-to-clip and unclip wire gates. 

It is a lightweight device, allowing you to easily use and carry it along your way. Plus, you can easily use this quickdraw long-term as its quite sturdy and durable. However, the paint may not stick perfectly, but that happens to almost every quickdraw. 

The most prominent advantage is the safety it offers. With lots of happy customers and quality build, you can put your trust in these quickdraws for your safety. 

Overall, the Black Diamond is very easy to use (clip and unclip your rope), lightweight, sturdy, and cost-effective, offering good value for the money. 

Psychi Climbing Starter Pack with Chalk Bag, Brush, and Chalk 

Every climber should use chalk to dry his/her hands of moisture or sweat. Moisture buildup on your hands can make it difficult for you to get a good grip on the rocks, making your climbing risky. To ensure safety and smooth climbing experience, you should keep a chalk bag with enough chalk in it. 

A chalk bag usually comes with a belt that straps onto your waist. Most bags will have a small compartment for your accessories, and a brush. You would need the brush to clean the rock of excessive chalk, which can make it’s surface slippery. 

This Psychi climbing kit comes with a chalk bag, brush, and chalk. The bag has a small compartment for your small accessories. So, you get everything you need.

The bag has a zipper for your small stuff like a mobile phone, so you can listen to anything you want on your phone while climbing. Plus, it is well secured with your body with the strap, so no need to worry about losing it midway. 

You can keep more than a fist of chalk in the bag. However, it does not have a flat button, but even if the bag tips over, the chalk won’t spill out. The brush is, however, not of the best quality, but it works. 

The size of the bag is not too big or too small; it’s a perfect size for sports climbers. In addition, you can choose from a variety of colours. 

All in all, this bag with a zipper and enough space for chalk and other accessories has a durable build, is of optimal size, effectively secured with your waist through a strap, and offers good value for the money. 


Whether you are a newbie or an expert, you should complete the sports climbing gear list before getting into the action. The best climbing gear in the market is that which offers ultimate safety, durability, and comfort. 

In order to select the best rock climbing equipment, you need thorough research of the devices necessary for you. We have done that for you; so, if you were indecisive for some reason, this article is going to help you make your decision by providing necessary information about the products.