Discover The Wyming Brook Walk And Rivelin Reservoir Route

The Wyming Brook Walk

This beautifully scenic walking route located just outside of Sheffield in the Peak District is a must for those who love gorgeous woodlands and vast reservoir walks. This Wyming Brook walking route is a great option if you’re looking for a family adventure and want to see some of the glorious sights the Peak District has to offer.

Here is the route and some of the magical milestones and route highlights to look out for on this trail!

Wyming Brook and Rivelin Reservoir

Wyming Brook route

This former hunting spot is a popular route for walkers and a hotspot for outdoor education because of its rich florals and diverse fauna. If you’re planning a visit and want a peaceful day, you might want to avoid popular times like bank holidays and school holidays as some parts of this trail can get busy.

Being just a stone’s throw from Sheffield city centre makes this route an excellent last minute destination for an escape to the quiet of the woodland.

Parking can be limited so make sure you arrive bright and early with all of your gear packed, ready to take on the terrain. There are a couple of rocky patches near the brook along the way so be sure to wear some sturdy boots and exercise caution when crossing over any uneven areas.

Wyming Brook Route

You’ll start this 6.5km route at the Wyming Brook car park to the south of Rivelin reservoir and follow the trail north into the nature reserve. From the car park follow the path to the right after about 50 yards and you’ll be onto the track that will take you through the trees and along the peaceful brook. As you follow the track up into the woods, you’ll cross the brook at a couple of points. This brook will guide you along most of the way on this trail as you venture through the vibrant woodland.

Spend some time taking in the beautiful surroundings, lush trees and the occasional waterfall along the way.

Wyming Brook Nature Reserve Walk

After about 1km you’ll reach a series of steps and a gate leading to Wyming Brook Drive. You can follow the road or continue on the path parallel to the brook, both will lead you to the next, circular section of the trail at Rivelin Reservoir.

Rivelin Reservoir

Head clockwise on your route around Rivelin Reservoir and take in the sights. The area, even though it is just 6 miles from Sheffield’s city centre, is full of wildlife. Take some time to observe the birds and bugs in and around the woodland and water and look out for rare visitors to the reservoir like the Canada goose and the occasional osprey.

Rivelin Reservoir in the Peak District

Follow the reservoir trail for a while and it will join with Wyming Brook Drive if you chose to follow the trail previously rather than taking the road. You can continue to follow Wyming Brook Drive around the perimeter of the water, taking in the views.

Continue to follow the road as it leads away from Rivelin Reservoir along the curve of the nature reserve and begins to again follow the brook. If you continue on the track you will meet the A57.

This slightly less scenic part of the walk can be partially bypassed part way down the road if you cut into a trail leading towards the reservoir at the junction with Onksley Lane. The trail opposite the lane will take you back down towards the water, parallel with the stretch of the A57. Follow the trail along the River Rivlin until you meet a path that directs you back up to the A57.

After a short distance you will be able to cut right onto a path alongside the reservoir. Here you will begin your return journey back through the nature reserve.

Returning to the Nature Reserve

Following this path back along the reservoir, you will meet back up with your earlier path as you come full circle around the water. Take the same path back through the nature reserve towards the car park, following the brook.

Take in the greenery, the waterfalls and the tranquil sound of the running brook as you stroll through the home stretch back to your starting point in the carpark.

Be wary of a couple of rocky areas around the brook if you’re heading out on a family walk, it can sometimes get slippery, but with a bit of caution should be no problem for most.

There are plenty of areas to explore on this trail and you might find your curiosity gets the better of you in the wooded areas with the abundance of greenery to see. The path is easy to find again and you should have no problem getting back on track if you take a wrong turn.

More About the Wyming Brook Walk

Wyming Brook Walk - Nature Reserve

Although not a very long walk compared to some of our more tricky Peak District walking trails, this route will still likely take a couple of hours to navigate, making it the perfect day out exploring the woodlands and taking in the sights at the reservoir.

This one is perfect for less experienced walkers, those not used to navigation, or those who feel more comfortable following a marked trail.

Be aware that this is a fairly popular route and may be busy in school holidays or peak times. To ensure you can secure parking, be sure to arrive early. There are limited parking options at the reservoir also if you want to shake the route up.

This walking route is suitable for dogs and families. Be aware of wildlife and water and some rockier and steeper sections of the trail.